Ability to billed in 0.00 decimal on wo

I would like to have the ability to billed parts to a wo in 0.00 decimal. As we have lot of parts that creating lots would not work.

I talked with Steven today about this issue. His concern is that he has a lot of current parts that are not set up with case lots. For example, they have a 100 foot roll of hose and they put 5 feet of hose on a vehicle. RTA will not allow them to place a quantity 0.05 on the vehicle because the software only allows a single decimal place. It will only allow them to bill out 10 feet (quantity 0.1) which doubles the part cost on that vehicle.

Another option might be a way to convert existing parts to case lots so that he doesn’t have this issue.

Yes, the proper way to do this is not based on how you order it, but how you charge it out. So if you charge it out by the foot, then your inventory should be based on feet. Same for oil, you might order that by the drum, but you’ll charge it out by the quart. So the inventory needs to reflect how many quarts you have on hand, not how many drums you have on hand.

Then yes, for ordering, you would create case lots and set up the conversion (1 drum = 220 quarts, 1 spool = 100 feet, etc). So that when you order those units, the inventory is correctly adjusted.

Now, aside from that though, I would still like to be able to bill for 15 minutes, which right now would require .25 hours. It currently rounds to the nearest 6 minute interval at either .2 or .3 hours (depending on which side of 15 minutes you end up on).