Add a 2" tall part tag format with larger font

I would like to see an improved format for parts labels that includes a larger sized label with larger type and barcode as well as a choice of label types and printers, i.e. sheets or rolls.

What size label are you thinking? We currently can use mailing label sheets (1x2 5/8) through any standard printer, or 1x3 labels on rolls through any printer that can do Ovation emulation. We sell 2 models specifically that support that and do well, a smaller one for lighter use, and a larger industrial one for heavy use applications. The 1x3 labels come in standard format, piggy back, or polyester (fade/water proof).

The labels we used in our Zebra printer before RTA are 2" x 2 1/4". Any label 2" in height would be a vast improvement over the 1" labels.

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