Add a definable measurement module to track any kind of measurement

Client requests ability to create multiple types of inspections for different items in a similar but more definable version of the current brake inspections.

They need to inspect pads, rotors, shoes, drums, batteries, tread, psi, steering wheel play, among many others. The warning/replace measurements are different for all these metrics (which is where the current brake module falls short)

Forgot Oil Analysis results

Annual vehicle inspection in Canada, mandate the mechanic record both the shoe lining measurements and the drum/disc measurements. Currently there is only one column and no designation as to what measured device you are recording the measurements for.
With brake components that passed last inspection, you can judge how you need to plan for the upcoming inspection with a simple glance at the previous brake data.
Be nice if that historical data populated with "Shoes (Or Lining) and Drums/Disc every time you opened the Brake screen
The data date for the inspect should stay as the date entered or brake inspection done.