Add a prompt to Deleting Work Orders?

Once you get to System - Purge - Delete Work Orders - Work Orders (SGWW), then put in your Level 1 password, fill out the WO parameters, click OK, press OK to continue, select View/Print, export or save, and close the window (phew!) you are back at the desktop.

If you are deleting more than one, non-consecutive WO, which is typical for me, you have to start the process all over again from the beginning!

Could we add a prompt that gives the option to select another WO to delete? This would save time and many keystrokes.

This would be a big time saver, it take too much time per transaction.

What if instead of just going through the prompt repeatedly, we let you do a multi-select or filter? So you check the boxes of the work orders you want to delete, or better yet, apply the F1 search capabilities to it to generate the list of WOs to be deleted.

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That would be great!

that would work great.

Could there also be a warning or a way to let a user know that the WO might have parts or labor posted to the WO and it shouldn’t or can’t be deleted? We had a work order deleted that did have parts & labor posted to it. It would be nice to have it where the work order couldn’t be deleted.

Still wishing this prompt existed :frowning: