Add ability to print part tags/bin labels from inside Parts Master screen

Can you please add to the utilities a much needed action. When in a part listing. I need to print a bar code for said part listing. I do not want to get out of the part listing into a another screen to print it. You can also add it the quick help parts screen.

Roger, that sounds like a terrific idea.

Yes this needs to happen. I am still using old parts system to print part tags do to the having to jump though screens for 1 tag. Please add the part tag button option to to received PO screen also.

You should be able to add part tags to the queue when receiving POs (eg if you receive 20 parts, it will add 20 part tags to the queue).

This ties into the feedback item: Add option to print barcodes immediately, instead of queueing them for later

This is done and has been released in version of RTA. See the documentation here.

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