Add all facilities option to the parts listing

When going into parts inventory and Customization can someone please add a Facility 1 or 2 or 3 so that the parts people can see the parts in other facilities on one screen

Would you want to see the part multiple times (like how the all facs button works in the vehicle screen), or see separate columns for Fac 1 on hand, fac 2 on hand, fac 1 price, fac 2 price, etc?

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The all Facs Button would be great, you would still be able to sort it the way you wanted to.

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this would work, also if the parts screen we could add and remove some colum.

This topic was already brought up a few years back and nothing was done. People need to vote.

Thanks for the voting plug Joel! I couldn’t agree more, several of the features that we’ve researched or delivered over the last year are all top voted items. It’s definitely the biggest influence on our decision making as we pitch ideas every 8 weeks for the next dev cycle!

They would like to be able to search for a part for all facilities. Similar to the all facs button in the vehicle F1 lookup list.

Imported from [WISH-303] Search for parts for all facilities

When clicking on the parts usage or purchase button in the parts master file, would like to be able to have a button to search in all facilities.