Add class code option to Repair History Interval Report and Avg Road Call Miles Widget

Would like to see a report that shows total miles between failure/road call for each vehicle class code.

How are you identifying road call repairs? Are you using cause codes, priority codes, reason codes, vmrs codes, or something else?

We had one client using a specific VMRS code for any road call that was done, but we’d want to define a standard way to do this if we create a generic report.

Hi Josh,

Sorry for the delay.

Yes, we are using vmrs codes for when we do a road call. Is there already a way for me to get that information in RTA?


You can use either the RRI report (Repair history interval)

or the Average Road Call Miles (PTD) dashboard widget.

Neither go by class though, so let’s leave this up here, and I’ll adjust the title.