Add Part Number filter to Manual Parts Charge Out report

Adjust the charge out report to prompt for the part number.

For example, I could enter a part number in a prompt and it will run a report showing the history of when and to where/what that part number was manually charged out to. The current report only filters by account and date, and I cannot find the info that would be helpful to see.

If the part number is charged out on a Work Order you may be able to use the Work Order Parts Usage Report.

WO Parts/Usage Report

If you are using Manual Parts Charge Outs, it’s the Print Charge Outs report here:


Doesn’t that give me a choice of either a date range or an account number? If I have part number X and I want to see what it was manually charged out to a few years ago, will that work?

Welp, I jumped the gun on that one. You are correct, it filters by account and date, not by Part Number. I’ll add that to the request.

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We wrote a custom report in crystal for this. So i run a non stock parts report on occasion to see if non stock part are being used to often and may need to bring in stock.

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Run the report & print to Adobe or Crystal reports. I’ve had success hitting CTRL and F in either of these to bring up the search bar to search the document. That might just help.