Add Scheduled/Unscheduled checkbox to WO

Add a (required) checkbox on each WO that will allow it to be tagged as scheduled or unscheduled. This information isn’t currently tracked in RTA and the information that is gathered can help the Fleet to justify the need for additional staff, extending days/hours of operation, etc.

Our IT department created a tasking program that captures this information an we found that we had over 1,500 walk-in repairs in one year and our internal estimate was around 500. We utilized this information to request for an additional mechanic.

An additional option is to add another (optional) checkbox to capture if it is an afterhours call. Our fleet accommodates departments that work 24/7 so if there is something that they need authorization for after hour regular hours it helps to understand why more OT or additional on-call staff might be needed. Again our estimate of afterhours calls was off, we estimated 75 last year and had 104, definitely justifying the need for additional on-call staff for rotation as well as more money to pay staff that handle the calls.