Add some customization options for auto-notify emails

[1] For WW completion emails, someone already suggested being able to choose whether to send the email.

[2] Perhaps allow a primary and secondary contact aside from using Department for one and Customer for another. UPDATE: at least if you use Outlook email, you can enter multiple email addresses separated by semicolons. The present RTA documentation isn’t clear on this point.

[3] RTA should check if an email has already been sent for a closed work order and notify the user of this fact. If I re-open a work order and then close it again, another email gets sent. This might or might not be necessary depending on circumstances. Flagging an RO as already having an email sent could work together with the option to send an email.

[4] Add ability to customize the outgoing message like for the emailed PM cards. Or maybe just have a few fields from which we can select some choices. Example: "your department’s vehicle [is ready to pick up, cannot be repaired, needs more work, needs to be sent for outside repairs, requires accident investigation, needs repairs with cost exceeding value of vehicle, etc.]. Maybe some status choices would automatically trigger selection of an appropriate companion message such as “please contact the fleet manager for more information.”

[5] Allow a second or Nth notice email to be sent if vehicle is not picked up in a timely manner. Perhaps an added message like “storage fees will be assessed at X dollars per day until vehicle is picked up” could be optional. “If the vehicle is not picked up after Y days, the vehicle will be auctioned and the money returned to the general fund; a bill for storage fees will still be sent to department” is an example of what a user could add if freely able to customize the messages as desired.

Give the person who closes a workorder the option Y or N whether they want to send the customer a “Vehicle completed” email.

I agree this is a good idea. We would like to use this automatic notification feature but are very much in the habit of confirming actions before committing to them, which helps minimize errors. If a work order is accidentally closed, there is no way to suppress the automatic email for an individual work order. It would also be nice to only send out one email notice for a vehicle with multiple work orders, which does happen at times.