Alert user when a repair is being done too frequently on a vehicle or flag a repair as a "Come back" repair

When a repair comes in that is the result of a mechanic not doing their work right on a previous job, they would like to be able to flag the repair, and then run a report showing "Come Backs" with reference to the mechanic who did not do the job correctly the first time.

Imported from [WISH-102] WO Want to flag repairs that are "Come Backs" due to poor work

I’ve been thinking about something similar to this. If bringing up a VMRS code on a certain bus could bring up like VMRS codes in the past on the same bus instead of using history.
I’ve replaced a head light in this vehicle every month for the past 6 months. 6 different Technicians have replaced the same side bulb. No one has looked into this further due to the lack of research. The 7th technician took the time to use history and saw this replaced repeatedly and looked deeper into the problem and found a faulty receptacle, which repaired the issue.
If there was a quick button to hit on the line that could go into history on just that one VMRS code but a quick click, what a time saver or maybe force technician to see the history on that once VMRS code.

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The key here is in seeing an anomaly in the pattern, where we realize this job is being done too often. A PM job is OK being done every 90 days, but a battery failing every 90 days would be a problem.

I think we could look at class or year/make/model averages, or possibly throw machine learning at a problem like this.

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Yes I agree. From and end user’s perspective having all Technician’s able to access this quickly is key.

Some of our Tech’s are savvy enough to look at part use and some of them are savvy enough to use history. The issue is time spent on the computer, I always looking to make computer time more efficient but I do understand the necessary use of computers for tools and aids. Thanks Josh