RTA Feedback

Allow Supervisor to log off technicians from the Activity screen

As we continue to use Paperless Shop more, we are discovering that it would be nice to be able to force a mechanic to log out of paperless shop from the “View Current Shop Activity Screen”. It would simply clock the mechanic out of the job and leave it as incomplete while also logging them off for the day.

We run into people forgetting to log out. When the manager takes a look at end of the shift, they are still there. He is forced to log in as them and clock them out for the day. I believe this would be a much simpler and quicker solution. It would have to be an authorization tied to the user I believe as you would not want everyone to have this ability.


I agree, I like this idea for that purpose. I have volunteer fireman that leave on a call and may not make it back before the end of his shift.

I like the idea of automatic notifications, but you do need to be careful when it comes to automatically clocking someone off, so that you don’t run afoul of the Wage/hour division of the DOL, or breach any agreements with unions in your shops. You’d have to give a lot of leeway, say auto clock off at 18 hours, vs just 12 or anything that could happen in those rare circumstances.

Maybe we could put a trap at the log in screen, and ask, “Hey it looks like you forgot to clock off yesterday? What time did you leave?” Then clock them off at the old day/time, and clock them right back on at the current date/time. I guess in some respects that behaves like our override, but is prompted based on data rather than user requested.


The second idea could work but I dont like the idea of an auto log off. We don’t run into unions currently in our shops either but I would agree you would want to take that into account so more people could take advantage of the process.

Only reason I had a supervisor forcing the log off would be so that they could hold the employee accountable for not following procedure.


We have a report that will point out any shifts over 12 hours. Maybe a similar report to flag/isolate back-posted times, either using the override we already have, or this theoretical prompt, so you’d know who wasn’t following procedure the first time around.