API for submitting Work Orders

I work for a fire department, and our city vehicle shop uses the web version of RTA Fleet for all of the city vehicles. We have an internal process/system for tracking the work orders on all of our fire apparatus. We are wondering if there is any chance of an API that would allow us to push workorder requests from our fire system to RTA. We have good access to the back end of the fire system, so we can be flexible in how it works. We would want to push the text of the problem, along with the apparatus id, with possible options of urgency and the name of the person submitting the issue.

Thanks for the feedback @dmonahan! We are working on an API for our Driver Reports feature to enable similar functionality. Driver Reports is really a service request that the shop will then use to triage and create a work order. You can supply a vehicle status (similar to urgency), notes, and a few other fields to make this work for you.

Here’s a list of the fields that are used in driver reports today:

  • Type: Select Pre-Trip, Post-Trip inspection, or In-Service.
  • Component: Select an area of the vehicle where the problem exists (e.g. Safety Mirror ).
  • Condition: Select a description that best describes the condition or the problem (e.g. Broken ).
  • Location: Select the location where the problem is occurring (e.g. Right Front ).
  • Status: Indicate whether the vehicle is Operable or Inoperable . This is a critical step in the process of the driver report. If the vehicle is Inoperable , or down, then it is no longer safe to drive on the streets and should be pulled out of service. Of course, the final decision on operability is made by the shop supervisor or technician.
  • Notes: Enter notes to additionally describe/clarify the problem. These notes will appear as work order line notes when/if a work order is generated for this item.

Will this work for you?

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