Archive ability for non-SaaS customers

I was looking to see if there is any thought to adding the archive functionality for non-SaaS customers?

When we designed the archive option, it was born out of necessity. We realized that when you start paying monthly for a vehicle, those older units really start adding up, especially when you are paying as much as $4 per month per vehicle at some of the lower tiers. Some fleets ended up having more archive units than they did active units, so paying for all of those units monthly was costing them 200% more than the value they were getting.

For on-prem/non-saas customers, that cost just isn’t there. You are paying roughly 15% of $15, or $2.25 each year. So the on going cost is much lower than if you were on SaaS. Obviously what sucks is having to buy more vehicle slots when you run out, but that’s the nature of up-front on-prem software. You pay for a license up front, then a small maintenance fee each year afterwards. SaaS is different in that you subscribe to the service, so there’s no big upfront cost, it’s the same cost each month/year, essentially, like a utility.

I know we are all trying to get more lean, and find cost savings where we can, but we try to keep the software affordable, and we know from our research that even that upfront $15 per vehicle is one of the most affordable options around, not to mention being the most value available in the form of data and reporting.

Lastly, SaaS is available for everyone, and is really flexible with per vehicle or per user pricing, so it may make sense to look at that compared to your annual support cost (especially when you look at all the new stuff coming out).