Arrows to toggle to previous/next WO

It would be super helpful to have arrows to toggle to the previous and next work order instead of having to enter so many WO numbers.

This would be super handy and save lots of keystrokes as Previous and Next are not menu options in work orders. It would also be nice to use the Arrows to toggle to the previous and next items in the vehicle and parts screen as well.


This would be very helpful in my position. It can be a bit frustrating to have to exit out of the work order then enter the next. It will also ‘save’ time and my hands.


@joshturley @dustin @dperkes this has a decent amount of votes… hint hint / wink wink…can you look into the possibility of this if you’re not already?

@angie.davis, this was released today during our call :tada::balloon:


@dperkes This is so awesome!!!