Auto Assign VMRS jobs to a specific Tech

Customer would like the ability to create a WO with a VMRS and have RTA know which tech/bay to assign that job. For instance, a shop has a tire bay/tech that handles all the tire rotations or replacements. We know that all tire related jobs will go to him so we’d like to have the VMRS codes auto assign (especially when coming in from Driver Reports or RTA Inspect) to assist with the WO creation process.

this would help automate the process! even with out IT taking care of only computers in out PD department

Another approach to such automatic job assignments uses technician skills. Technician profiles could have skills, special areas of expertise, or certifications associated with them. If you have a tire skill assigned to one tech, and specify that VMRS codes for tire jobs require the tire skill, then the job gets routed to the appropriate tech. You could use skills concept, combined with VMRS codes set to require certain skills, in order to automatically route charging system problems to your tech who specializes in electrical repairs, brake jobs to your ASE-certified brake technician, etc. A provision should be made for the shop manager, via password, to overrride the VMRS code’s skill restriction for special situations. If you have several people with same skill, then you can choose the tech from a menu. How to decide who to choose from the menu? That could get complicated and probably deserves its own discussion.

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wait…is this a current option? of this an idea?

Idea, just another angle on the problem and possible solution. The concept seems to exist per my brief internet search. I don’t think this is an option right now.

OK! i was like wait whaaaaat but that is a really clever idea and I like that. makes it more versatile.

How would you think the assignment of mechanics would work? There are over 3000 codes on a normal system at the moment, what would the work flow be for choosing specific codes for a technician to be an expert in?

Two ways, either by the major code or by major/minor. Or the other post was good to be set up by skill.

I was thinking only select VMRS codes would have this. If a certain code has a skill requirement and you have tech with that skill, then the job goes to him or her. If no skill requirement specified, you can assign any tech just like normal. The skill/code connection could be for jobs you do frequently since the repetition is probably what creates the time savings.

Also I haven’t looked at whether templates can be set up with predefined technician but if you have a task on the template and that task has a skill requirement, that would take care of the tech part too.

As an example, let’s say we have a certain job like tire rotation and an intern for that, then the task code for “rotate 4 tires” could have the “tire intern” skill and then the intern would have the “tire intern” skill associated with him.

Not sure if this can be or even should be specified by code group, such as everything in 017 goes to the tire tech. That seems too broad and could therefore create problems.

It seems that other tire jobs (just as example) would need more assignment flexibility. Unless of course you assign all skills to all techs so anyone can take any job, in which case there is no point in even bothering with skills or some other way of associating tasks and technicians.

You could, however, add “tire intern” skill to someone else, or every one else, so the poor intern doesn’t get overwhelmed by a long list of the same task over and over. Of course if you’re using Shop Scheduler, that shouldn’t happen anyway. :slight_smile: