Auto populate driver from employee table

Would really like to have driver field auto populate from employee table. IE: By typing in the first few letters of a last name, we could see employees with those starting letters, then be able to select the name by double clicking on it.

Which screen are you doing this in, driver reports?

I think this could be expanded to a more general sense. Similar in here how if I type an ‘@’ and someone’s name, it creates a drop down(or drop-up) of people it thinks I am trying to type and suggests people that I can then click on. I think he is saying if he starts typing in an employee field(or heck, even a vehicle or part number field) for it to “auto-sense” what I am going for and suggest completed entries that we can click.


I am normally in the operator field, in the General tab of the vehicle master section. We change drivers quite a bit at the Sheriff’s Office, as we move people around a lot and the vehicle ends up staying in the section that the person came out of. Thanks Josh