Be able to hit the next vehicle button with SSM MISC I switch on

System switch #21 under the MISC tab allows you to find vehicles based on the cross reference number. However, this makes it so you can’t use the next and prev buttons. Customer would like to be able to just have it go to the next vehicle x-ref number regardless of what facility it is in.

This would be very helpful!

Hey Shopninja,

We are looking into some items for future development and I thought this would be a good place to ask. When you are using the Prev/Next buttons on the vehicle screen, what are you usually trying to accomplish in RTA?

What jobs are you performing that you need to go through each vehicle in a specific order? We are trying to understand how and for what purpose our users use those buttons.

To add my thoughts on this, my primary tasks are reporting and managing data. As awesome as the F1 lookup is, there are a number of fields that are not available in the add columns list, so it’s not always as easy to find information. When filtering records through the F1 lookup to narrow down what information I’m looking for or worse, it’s a code instead so I have to go to another lookup list to decode it. If I’m making a number of changes across similar make and model or department, this becomes quite the chore as despite our best efforts numbering vehicles, clicking next doesn’t always bring up the desired vehicle as regardless how the F1 lookup is sorted and filtered it’s always the next vehicle number in descending order instead. I end up saving the filter so I can readily go back and forth between my list and the vehicle select screen. I’ve gotten pretty proficient at hitting all the shortcut keys to go back and forth between my saved filter list and the vehicle select screen. Sometimes In my dreams, the key combinations are endless :scream: :smiley:

If you filter down the list, are you wanting it to have the back and next buttons only be attributed to the list that exists in the preset at the time that you choose a vehicle?

For example, if I filter down to 5 vehicles, I can only back and next between those 5 vehicles?

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Exactly. It would save a whole lot back and forth between the preset and the vehicle screen if the back and next buttons would refer to the filter of 5 vehicles in this example.

Also as a side note I just thought of, it would be nice if the dialog box asking to return to the main screen after advancing past the end or beginning of the list of records, would recall the F1 lookup screen as an additional or replacement option.