Be able to receive inventory before the invoice is available and charge to work orders

Often, we’ll receive a part physically that won’t have an invoice attached to it. Sometimes, we aren’t able to verify the price of that item until the invoice shows up, so we hold off on receiving the PO until the invoice comes in.

But, we need to show that we charged those parts out to a work order, otherwise we may forget to when the invoice finally shows up.

Currently, you have 3 options:

  1. Write down on a paper journal a list of pending part transactions (parts that were received on the dock and put on a vehicle, but haven’t yet been received on a PO or charged to the work order). We are trying to cut down on the amount of paperwork, and if someone forgets to right it down or id the correct WO or vehicle, now you have lost inventory.
  2. Allow the tech/clerk to post the part to the work order anyways, letting the inventory to go negative. This only is available if you aren’t on FIFO, and when there are price changes, it makes it very difficult to explain to auditors the fluctuations in average pricing. (The average price is correct, but requires a lot of explanation). It creates volatility in the average pricing that is difficult to explain.
  3. Force the tech/clerk to adjust the quantity on hand before posting to the work order, then having to undo the adjustment after receiving the parts. This is redundant, and still leaves you writing off losses if the price charged to the work order was different than the price of the parts on the invoice.

A proposed solution is to allow techs/clerks to receive the inventory in a pending state, and allow them to charge the parts out (also leaving the posting in a pending status until the invoice can be received). The work order wouldn’t be able to be closed until the pending transactions are received, or are voided. The date of the posting would be based on the received date in the PO, which should be backdated in this case.

We would need feedback on whether to include these estimated charges on the WO total and reports (either as parts, or as a separate total for pending parts), or if we leave them off until the transaction cost is finalized.

@angie.davis @Joel this relates directly to the negative inventory questions you’ve posed to us.

This would be so beneficial to our fleet as we don’t get invoices from our state contract tire vendor for up to 2 weeks after we’ve received product.


I would find this addition very helpful. Would the “pending” status of the PO then allow for freight charges to be added once the invoice arrives and charged to the line even though it has already been received?