Best Practices Improvements

We need to revamp the editor to allow for advanced formatting. It may not be possible with AcuCorp, but this is something that AssetWorks Fleet Focus allows for:

Screenshots: In basic training documentation, all screenshots or examples are from a sample organization. This can be confusing, since your staff may have terminology for things that already exist under different names in an out-of-the-box application. In a rulebook, screenshots from your own organization are used so staff can see exactly how the software looks with their own business examples. Terminology and button customization examples in a rulebook can reduce staff confusion while training.

Real World Scenarios: Your staff is accustomed to your old software solution, which is a big part of why switching over to a new software is a challenge. With rulebooks, you can include customized guides on how to address a certain scenario within the new software. This feature helps staff to see how the new software can handle everyday challenges.

Quick Guides: How can one rulebook account for all of the complex processes within your day-to-day operations? With quick guides within a rulebook, you can briefly outline the steps for different processes as an aid for a specific procedure. What previously could have taken over a dozen screenshots to explain can be outlined in a simple, one-page quick guide.

Frequently Asked Questions: Are there any key questions that you know your staff will have during software training? If so, you can add an FAQ section to your rulebook in order to address these questions head-on, rather than waiting for multiple people to ask the same questions.

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