i would like to know if possible that when a facility add a cross reference or a new vendor number that this is added to all facility, As this is causing some x-reference issue. SO now i need to check every facility prior to create a new parts( we got a crystal report made to check it faster) but this is still a big issue. We create the parts number in all facility, because we need the number created for the parts kits to work. I am open to best practice ideal to deal with this issue.

We have a centralized parts feature that does this.


You might try that out, and see if that does what you need. It was meant for exactly this, creating a master list that all other facilities can subscribe to, and then any changes made to the master list would be synced to the subscribers.

The centralized parts feature does not sync vendor/xref numbers, only the master part number. This is helpful but is limited. The ability to change primary vendors and update xref numbers across all facilities would be a great feature.

This would save us a ton of time. At this time i get my 2 other facility to send me the xref and new vendor case by case to add into our system. To be able to keep data the save and save from creating parts number and finding cross reference.