Change vehicle number on a WO

Fixing an incorrect vehicle number

I have an idea that would save time while working with RTA.

Occasionally someone will enter a wrong vehicle number when creating a work order.

With RTA there is no way to change the vehicle number on a work order. The only solution is to reverse all of the entries on the work order, close the work order, make a new work order and re-post all of the entries.

It’s not so bad if you catch the incorrect vehicle before you post too much, but if you have a long work order and don’t catch the mistake until the end, then you have a lot of work to do to correct it.

My suggestion is to make a “Correct vehicle on WO” function. This function would be for a single work order and have to change the vehicle number on each line of data related to the work order. It would have to also correct the PM schedule if applicable. This should require a password to complete. The function would work similarly to the renumber vehicle function.

Thank You.

Imported from [WISH-135] WW Vehicle renumber utility

We have had some significant issues as well regarding this! It would save us a lot of time and hassle if we could somehow re-number the vehicle on a work order.


Amanda Dupuis
Brandon, MB, Canada

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We are finding this very difficult as well. Often we have users contact us with the unit number and they are incorrect. It would be very helpful to change the unit on a WO rather than have to close and recreate a new WO.

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This has always been a common question that end users call into support about. It would be nice to have a simpler, more streamlined way to correct this.

To make this viable, we would have to reverse all cost bucket data and renumber all of the transactional data related to that WO that contains the vehicle record number including the audit table, vehicle history table, paperless shop transactions, and all of the other WO related tables then re-post the costs to the buckets of the correct vehicle. Could potentially run into issues if the two vehicles have different customer markups set.

this would save lot of time, most time when we notice that an error has occure most of our invoice are send to our accounting department. we need to make a bunch of screen shot to be able to re-enter everything correctly.

I like this idea, however, I believe that this should be a higher level person that changes this so that mechanics and newer workers aren’t able to change the vehicle number on the work order. Maybe it would be better that we could have a switch on a profile to allow them capability of changing the vehicle number.

We’d definitely secure it by user/role.

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I like the idea too. Today the shop calls me to delete the work order and then they have to start again. If I could just renumber for them, they could keep going. It won’t save me time, but it should save the shop some time!

This definitely will be a great idea, the admin and billing time savings would be huge