Create BI solution accessible by end users to analyze data from RTA

Using tools like PowerBI, Tableau, DOMO, or others, we would like to be able to access the data in RTA in an easy to use fashion, that allows end users to see trends and patterns in their data, that will help them drive better decision making in their operations. We would like to have RTA create the necessary data warehouse dimensions needed to make this reporting possible and easy.

I like the idea of being able to see trends. Trends helps show us how to be proactive and keep our “down time” to a minimum. I don’t know about any of the tools that you have listed. My thoughts are; if it is easy to produce, easy to read and understand and the visual affects captures attention. I’d vote for this tool.

I have used PowerBI and MS Report Builder but am hardly an expert. Usually I use Excel to manipulate data gotten from RTA SQL tables and find it useful to be able to select the data I want and arrange it. My skills at ad hoc report generation are wanting, but I see that RTA captures a lot of data and I’d like to do more with it. I’ve been creating graphs for vehicle cost and department fuel consumption. The visual format does amplify the numeric data and make it easier to interpret, easier to see the bigger picture quickly. Additionally, visual representations of the trends and patterns makes them easier to convey to interested people within our organization who don’t use RTA but need the info it makes available.