Create Survey Tool

Create a customer survey tool that can be emailed to Operator after service or repair. Use feedback as part of metrics of fleet shop operations.

As someone who lives and breathes CSAT scores (customer satisfaction), I love this idea!

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Sarasota county implemented something as simple as these.

What’s nice about them is they are extremely low friction, which is critical when it comes to surveys. Even with our support ratings system which sends an email once the ticket is closed, and all you have to do is click a star rating in your inbox, only 1 out of 6 cases leave feedback. The downside is that the simpler you make it, the less context and information you get about where you need to make corrections.

I have never seen these… thanks for sharing. This might be a simple way to capture some high level feedback. For your star rating emails, do you mind sharing who is the vendor you work with?

@Renee, at RTA we currently use a product called Atlassian Service Desk for our customer support and it provides customer satisfaction (CSAT) feedback and self-service ratings tools.