Critical Component Database

We would benefit greatly from a report that could tell us the mileage since the “X” has been replaced.

We currently have a manual spreadsheet where we track our current Engine and Transmission mileage. Some are the same as the odometer, but the vehicles that have had replacements are what we are interested in knowing.


There is the RRI Report(Repair History Interval) that can give you this information by VMRS Code. For example, if your engine block replacement is VMRS Code 045-052-000 and you run the RRI Report by that(which also has an export option), it will give you the days/miles between that VMRS Code per vehicle

Warranties will actually show you this for replacement parts, but for oem components, you could add generic parts (e.g. “oem engine”, “oem transmission”, etc.) with 0 cost, and track the warranty on them. Create a work order when you bring the vehicle in service (which you should be doing anyways for inspecting it before putting it in service), post the parts to start the clock on those components. Then the warranty reports will give you exactly that data. Not super easy, but it fits with the normal workflow instead of an entirely new module.