Cross-reference list pull up in Mobile App

It would be very useful to be able to pull up the cross-referenced parts list in the mobile app. Was looking for a filter this morning and had to go back to to computer & print out the cross-reference list to find the filter as it was not the main numbered part. Would be nice to see this in the mobile app as an option.

Hey Haley,

I was told this might already be possible. Can you walk me through your method or could we maybe get on the phone so I can see what you are attempting?

Jared Turley
RTA Product Manager

Not sure where I would find it, if that’s the case. I can pull the full list in RTA full version (desktop), but not in the mobile app where it would be very useful.

@jacobturley can you give any clarification here for Haley on how to see the cross reference?