Cycle Count with Mobile

I would like to see if it would be possible to add the cycle count functionality to Mobile? I understand it is currently only able to happen with a Tricoder, but I think this would be a beneficial enhancement adding to mobile as it would allow managers to keep on eye on the cycle counting widgets currently available without having to purchase a Tricoder. Mobile currently has the ability to adjust inventory as well as location, so I would think there could be some compatibility there to take advantage of the new technology thus saving time for the users. I would also suggest that only parts with on hand quantities are part of cycle count regardless of stock and non-stock. If you “find” parts during counting you can easily enough add them with location rather than counting a possible location with zero quantity.

Another couple great ideas from another user:
We regularly conduct cycle counts (physical inventory) of fast-moving items like filters & brake pads. It would be useful to be able to use the mobile app to do this. A “next” button or the ability to load a bin location would be very useful.

Maybe in a future update?

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Relates to this question we posted a while back. Would love to see how many other of our users would love to see inventory sessions for doing exactly this type of quick cycle count?

How do you normally perform inventory? - General Discussion - RTA Feedback (

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