Dashboard by Customer/Department

We have several different companies that we service with all their vehicles placed in facility 1. These companies vehicles are distinguished by their customer/department numbers which are matching.

We would like to be able to create dashboards for each company so that they are able to view their vehicles PMs, pending repairs, work orders, etc. We do not want the companies to be able to see the other vehicles that do not belong to them.

If we could create dashboards by specifying departments or customers this would be useful to us.

Thank you

@mmenei, have you considered creating your own dashboards using RTA Reporting? That way you could create the reports/dashboards for them and automatically email them a summary each day/week/month or allow them to access them at any time.

Yes we use the RTA Web Reports to send out daily reports but we are looking for something real time or with a refresh rate of 5 minutes that we can setup using the dashboard.exe on a monitor at each of the companies offices.