Date selection for Post Labor

Mechanic’s sometimes forget to logout of paperless shop at end of day and then its not caught until the next day. This requires the labor on a work order to be reversed and the actual time posted. Is it possible to have a date field in “post Labor”, so that the labor can be back dated?

We prompt you for a posting date when you come into the work order like so:


and the posting date is currently able to be changed in the work order screen here:

That would allow you to back date any posting.

We are also brainstorming ideas to help prevent the “forgot to clock off” from happening.

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Is it possible to have the date stamp and time when a tech logged in to work on a work order in his line on the work order. Some times he might log on and off multiple times and on multiple days. That would show a more concise record of when they were working on a job or if they were waiting on parts if they were needed. It might be multiple lines for the tech but not sure if the system would add all of there time to the job.

I think there is a way to do that, but let me check for you if that’s available to the general public.

Actually, looks like it’s currently a feedback item:

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@joshturley @TBRAY

This was added in there is a switch in the Paperless Shop switches under:

System --> Setup System Switches --> Main System Parameters #15

There is a radio button that says “Daily Labor Trans” This switch does what is intended, creates a separate labor transaction for each day to split out the transactions.

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@nwaldick Hey Neil,
We recently released a feature in version 7.4.0 that falls in line with what you were asking. We added a posting date field to the post transactions screens. Is this what you were looking for?

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