RTA Feedback

Deferred lines idea

I really like to use deferred lines. It allows us to order parts for vehicles and track them. The issue that we have is that these become forgotten. When people make PM work orders, they typically don’t add lines so the pop up doesn’t come up. Instead they click on the the PM due and finish the work order. Would there be a way to have deferred lines automatically pop up?
We could take this a step further and tie in parts received for a deferred line so that only deferred lines that can be completed pops up.

I really like this suggestion. For the parts side it would solve this issue of having work order left open for parts waiting to come in or to be install. I would be nice to be able to received parts and leave them attach to deferred lines.


This is a great idea

Definitely an issue especially with the paperless inspection since lines get created automatically. We also have an issue when creating a deferred line outside a WO. There are no line notes to be entered for the deferred line. We like to enter a brief description of the work needed to be performed and add username and date for reference.