Delete Work order lines

Administrators should be able to delete a work order lines not just the complete work order, when a mechanic makes a mistake of any kind you should be able to reverse the parts and labor on a line then delete the line, but there is no option,
We have mechanics who make up double lines for the same thing, they also use the wrong VMRS code on the line, once you make a line with a VMRS code you cant change the code, we end up closing the line with nothing on it s owe can close a work order, the mechanic should have the option to change the VMRS code at anytime, but not delete the line, only Administrators.

Hey Charles,
A vmrs code can actually be changed after it is posted, but there is a specific way you need to do it. When adding the line, try hitting ‘F7’, this should open up the VMRS code and allow changes to be made. It is still best practice to reverse the lines before doing this.



That’s correct. I use the F7 function all the time but I don’t let my mecanics know about it. RTA is complicated as it is, I leave that stuff to those who revise the wos.
Mecanics are to communicate the changes to them.