Different GPS providers

We will be having synovia come in during the Summer to install new GPS units in all our buses and vehicles is there anyway for RTA to tie into synovia instead of the GPS insight interface, we are already paying for a GPS service thru synovia , most school boards are going to GPS on all there equipment and they buy a system that tracks buses and also tracking the route of the bus and students, so there are many different types of systems out there, can RTA work with other GPS providers anytime in the future.

Yep, we’ve done integrations with Synovia and a host of other companies, primarily for odometer info.

Something else to keep in mind, Synovia requires a specific device in order to send us actual odometer info. If you do not have the correct device all they can send us is the miles traveled, which we don’t recommend doing in terms of updating your meter because it allows for the odometer to become incorrect with bad entries.

What would we need from synovia and what would it cost us for RTA to connect to it.

It is included with your SaaS subscription

To connect the two, I advise calling in to support and asking for Tech. They need a specific set of items from Synovia that allow us to call out to their API.

Already contacted Synovia and they said that they can provide whats needed to RTA for setup, Our contract with RTA runs out in Dec. so we will purchase the SAS system then, Synovia will install new GPS units in our buses in May, would it be possible to setup a few buses thru RTA for a Test before we go live in January.


We already have synovia, did not purchase the bus interface adapter. Without it, connecting to RTA is next to impossible. Synovia has not been much help. RTA on the other hand has been trying and jumping thru hoops to help. No solution as of yet though.