Driver Reports - Overhaul the Review

The second biggest problem in my shop is the reviewing of Driver Reports. The Foremen get tired of having to click “Next” a 100 times just to get to the new tickets. It should be last entry to first entry, newest to oldest. Or add a date range, like within last month, last week, last period, last quarter, or actual date range that you select. Either way, this is not efficient, nor friendly. Any help on this would be great. Thanks.

Totally agree. Would like to see it easier to use.

Thanks for the great feedback. Improving the driver reports user experience is high on our priority list.

Drivers reports needs a complete overhaul, we have been using it since 2011 and nothing has changed, along with the shop reviewing the drivers reports we need to be able to run reports, there are no reports, we need to know what reports were written, if work orders were made or not, not user frendly

I created a custom crystal report that tracks the data as to who, what, and when. I did not include the details but if you would like to try it, let me know.

@Nrbauman, we’d love to see the reports you’ve written and get feedback from others if that is something they would like as well. Could you post a screenshot?

So far I have 3 that I have created.

1st deleted lines report- tracks what lines have been deleted by my Foremen. (Access denied for upload)

2nd is the Driver Report - Tracks by employee who wrote up what bus and when. (Access denied for upload)

3rd Open Work Order Lines report - with line notes - tracks what work orders are open and what line. (Access denied for upload)

I will try to get with someone in RTA who can help with the upload.

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O and now I am working on a different way to record the Tech’s productivity without having to run the end of week or end of month reports… can’t seem to remember to do them on Friday night at 11 pm when my shop shuts down. Would love to see that automated instead.

Thanks for pointing out the issue with images not uploading. This has been fixed on the feedback site.