Due PM List with dates added

Is there any way to add the due date of the PM in the Due PM List, right now all you get is Due PM for each vehicle but those PM’s maybe 7 to 10 days out, right now you have to go into PM List to get your dates , If you had a Date Due you could manage your PM’s easier,

Definitely feasible. We added this info to the PM Due dashboard drill downs.

Am I correct in that this feature would only apply to date driven PM’s, not mileage driven PM’s?

I would do both. We did that in the drill downs.

For those of us that use the Dashboard you can see the dates but even there the screen that comes up cant be changed, I like the Dashboard except you can not make any changes in anything that you look at, such as if I open a work order from the dashboard and need to make a change you cant do it, you have to go into the work order screen then find the work order then go into the work order to add lines or any other change, in Dashboard you cant do anything except view.