Edit undo (hot key) Button

Would be nice to have a tool like Edit undo button to where you can go back into the last two or three pages / tabs you were just in. Take for an example you just entered a part number that’s 15 digits long or spooled a report that was difficult to find and accidently closed out of it. It would be convenient to just hit for example (control Z) just to have the last page or two pop up again to view your information instead of typing in the whole part number again or spooling the report again.

Rather than an undo, it sounds like a running history would be useful? Maybe auto filtered for the last 24 hours, with the ability to search back farther? You could see a list of the programs you were in. Not sure how much it would take to capture data (ie you accessed this part record). With that level detail, you’d almost have the audit feature requested here: Audit Log for RTA Data

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As a side note, you’ll get this when the system is web based just by using the browser.