EFI Revamp [Prototype]

Currently the EFI Process requires multiple screens to go through to load, check and process the data. Also, exceptions are generated on an after-the-fact basis, rather than a pre-check. A team at one of our previous “Shipits”, put together a prototype of a new EFI workflow. This also included the ability to perform all actions from one screen, instead of 3 or 4, allows you to do a test import to see what process errors will trip if you were to run it (giving you the ability to proof and edit transactions beforehand). We also thought it’d be nice to be able to reverse EFI transactions after you’ve posted them (maybe you had a bad date or bad fuel $ data), though a reverse makes more sense for all fuel trans, not just EFI.

What suggestions do you guys have, and is this something you would like to see?

New Look:

Disclaimer: This is NOT something we are actively working on, but just getting feedback and votes if this is something you’d like to see.

@angie.davis I think you were asking about this.

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Yes I was @joshturley . I love it as it is…this is will be super helpful once it’s available!!!

Just have to get more of our friends to vote on it!

Great idea and I just voted for it! :slight_smile:

The only input that we have is that we would like to see the attached in numerical order or be able to move the icons to the order that the user desires. That way when someone subs in and is not exactly sure of everything that they need to do, it will make more sense going in order.

I am not sure if this will change when we move to hosted.

Quick launch buttons are able to be moved in that direction, but the navigator items are hardcoded. If you wanted to have them show up in a specific order, in the quick launch button setup menu it allows you to choose what comes first and what is changed.


The idea behind the prototype as well was to have a single screen for EFI, instead of multiple areas, and having to remember an order. We were also trying to have it logically flow from left to right in the toolbar for the reason you listed. Maybe we could add a button to the top to call quick fuel, but those transactions wouldn’t show up in this list.