Email Print PMs by Department

We would like to be able to email a list of the PM Notices for a department in one email instead of having the department receive one email for every vehicle. Something like the PM Scheduling Report split by department and then emailed to each department’s contact.

Better yet, because we often have more than one RTA department in one of our business departments, would be the ability to create “email”/“reporting” groups where we can assign multiple department numbers into one group and email the list of PMs due for those departments to that group.

For example, if there were RTA departments 1,2,3,4,5 set up we would want to have the option of emailing the PM notices to RTA departments 1,3,4 together to one email address, and for RTA departments 2,5 to be emailed together. We would need the ability to make changes to the RTA departments in the group as our departments move around sometimes between directors, etc.

With our new web reporting, if the departments all have the same email address on record, then this should be pretty straightforward. If it’s going to a different email than the one listed in the department record, it gets a little trickier.

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