Enhance Operator link on Vehicle F1 Lookup and Master File

Having the employee F1 lookup available from the operator field on the vehicle master file is a boon, Thank you! Though the downside for our department is all the reports and vehicle lookup now report the employee abbreviation for the operator field, which complicates things as a not so small number of employees share the same meaningful abbreviation within the size restriction of the field, which makes it more difficult on vehicles F1 lookups.
Would it be possible to add the full name field and date assigned to the F1 Lookups?
Also would it be possible to add a switch for reports to choose between Abbreviation and Full Name?

Would increasing the size of the abbreviation field to allow for better abbreviations help here? Or would a more simple solution be to fill that field with the name of the driver rather than the abbreviation?

For us; having the driver’s full name would be the preferred option, for our mechanics when looking up vehicles when they get a service request, and for our custom crystal reports.

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Full operator name is also preferred for us, as we often search by operator name when they call in & don’t know their truck number.

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