Expand the flat rate in the system switches to allow rates > $100/hour

Dealerships are now charging upwards of $150/hour, we would like to make our flat rates comparable.


Looks like an area that the field should be increase to allow for the future.

I suppose marking up labor is a temporary workaround but realize that word “markup” can be very problematic in some environments.


Problem is, labor markup is limited to 9.9 percent so you can’t, for example, mark up $90/hr by 66.6667% to get $150/hr.

Now this is interesting: in the employee setup you CAN enter more than $99.9 per hour for the individual employee flat rate.


Can you enter the labor rate under each employee and then the per-employee rate just overrides the default? I have not experimented with this.

Again, maybe an interim solution.

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I just wanted to chime in on this as we updated our rates a while back. Depending on how the system switches are setup will determine the default behavior. The switch for our setup is set to ‘No’ and ‘System’ for the Misc I parameter 42.

The way it seems to work for us is the customer flat rate is used first if enabled, then it refers to the employee file labor/Flat Rate or System Parameter as determined by the above system switch. Since our fleet is grouped into four customers, we just set the flat rate for each customer. As of right now we are not using paperless shop so I don’t know what impact that would have on that module.

I also wanted to point out the system import/export utility would work here to do a massive update all at once. Both employees and customers can be updated this way.