Fleet vehicle part reserve

While maintaining our fleet we run into situations where a part has to be ordered, for non safety sensitive issues. It would be nice to be able to tie the part to a specific asset when the part is received. The next time the asset is in for repair of any kind the tech logging onto the WO will see that there are parts waiting to be installed. This procedure will eliminate bringing trucks into the shop multiple times.

currently we are posting parts on units as the parts come in and then we create a differed line. But this cause parts and labor to not be tie together. this would be a big help to solve our issue of having parst sitting in multi location waiting to be install with out knowing.

Hey all! Just want to get some context on how you would handle this in your shop!

Would you leave the “original” WO and line open? That way the WO has the appropriate cost? Or would you still create a new WO(since technically it came into the shop on a different occasion)?

The concept I am looking for would be similar to having a deferred job pop up when a new work order is opened. This will let the tech that is working on the truck or the Supervisor that is making the work order know that there is a part waiting to be installed so a work order line can be made. We generally close work order lines daily and open new ones when the parts come in. this is only being done with non safety sensitive items and typically will be done when the truck is in the shop for the next service.

We have a parts reservation module… but would love to get your take on where the gaps are in that module. Here’s an excerpt from the documentation.

Reserving Parts for a Job

Often a mechanic will need a part that is not kept on-hand in the inventory. The parts reservation module assists the mechanic in indicating parts that are needed and notifying the parts staff that the parts need to be ordered.

  1. Highlight the Work Order line needing parts, then click the POST button. Once the Post Parts screen is displayed, click the RESERVATION button at the right.
  2. Enter the employee requesting the part.
  3. Enter the part number or select a part from the inventory list (F1). When the Part Number is entered, the description will appear if it is a file part. Enter the description if it is a Non-File Part.
  4. Enter the quantity to be reserved and click the OK button.
  5. At this point, the Part Reservation has been created and will be displayed on the Parts Requisition list, even if it is a Non-File Part. The Part Reservation list now reflects a Reserved Status .

The Part Reservation list can be viewed by selecting Parts > Purchase Orders > List Reservations (PPS) from the RTA main menu. This list may be printed. A line on the Part Reservation Listing may be highlighted and deleted. Deleting will remove the Reserved quantity from the Requisition List as well.

  1. Once a Purchase Order is created from the Requisition list, the Parts Reservation list will reflect an Ordered Status .
  2. When the entire quantity of parts are received on the purchase order, a message will be sent to the Mechanic who requested the reservation via RTA Messenger (if the optional Messenger add-on module is installed). The Parts Reservation list will reflect a Received Status .
  3. After Reserved Parts are received, you can Post the part(s) in the Work Order. Select the POST button and the Received Reserved Parts list appears. You can then check the box(es) to post Reserved Part(s). The Reserved Parts status then becomes Posted .

This is nice, but the mechanic still needs to complete the work. The work will not be completed until the unit comes back in the shop. That is why we have to create a deferred line to complete the job and identify a location for the part. The part needs to be received and billed to the unit. We don’t let WOs stay opened too long. When the vehicle comes in only two months after receiving the part, that is where labor and parts don’t follow WOs.

Thanks Josh, the way I take the process is that the reserved parts is more geared to getting the parts requested ordered and installed by the tech that is working on the truck, the truck doesn’t leave the shop and the Tech is working on a bigger job.
We use RTA with a fleet and when we order parts that are not safety or critical, we will let the truck run the routes and install the ordered parts when we get the unit back in the shop for another job. The current work order line will be closed under inspect. We rely on a communication board at this time to let all the techs know when parts are here for a unit. If we where able to have a popup reminder that a part is here for an asset when a tech opens a work order, The tech can add a line to the new WO and install the part as needed.

@Jswift, It sounds like something akin to attaching a parts reservation to a deferred line would be what might solve this process difficulty. This would then allow the line to pop back up when a WO is created for that vehicle as well as have the reservation attached to it to remind the mechanic to post the part to it.

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Where is this? ( 1. Highlight the Work Order line needing parts, then click the POST button. Once the Post Parts screen is displayed, click the RESERVATION button at the right.
2. Enter the employee requesting the part.)
I followed these steps and find no reservation button on the RO line screen. Is it in SAP or the on site systems and in what Version of RTA.

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we would need the part to billed to the differed line, as 100% of this parts are non-stock parts. then once the new work order would be open a option to select the differed line would come up with the issue and parts.

I believe I understand the current process, it only works if the tech knows the part number to reserve. Usually the parts that need ordered are not common, I don’t have techs look up parts, just report what they need. If we where to defer the work order line, someone will need to take the time to make a new line with no labor to defer it.

I could not find it either.

@Pgtparts and @esmiller,

There is a switch in Main System Parameters, #43 that can turn the Part Reservations on. Otherwise that option won’t be there in the posting screen.

I turned that switch on and tested it. I like it very much. Just need to train others to use it.

Parts reservation is ok. We print labels for stock parts from alternate vendors (cross-reference part numbers) and non-stock parts. Non stock parts are printed on colored labels to easily identify that it is a non-stock part. The asset #/Vehicle # is written on the tag. I have set up bin locations as Pending1 Pending2 and Pending3, so I can quickly identify where the part is located when the vehicle comes back through. The part description includes the vehicle number and I use fit codes as well. It’s not perfect, but it helps.

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