Four additional information areas in the master vehicle file needed

  1. Add Vehicle color to the of master vehicle file/ General tab under operator.
  2. Add DEF Fluid to the master vehicle file/ Fluid tab and qty.
  3. Add GPS enabled to master vehicle file / General tab under inspection
  4. Add Operational equipment cost per hour to the master file / General tab under operator

On 3 and 4:

3: Were you looking for a check box (eg Has GPS?) or something more useful like the last known coordinates? Would we need to store coordinate history at all, or would your GPS system manage that?

4: I need a little more info, is this something you set, or the current CPM that we calculate based off RTA data?

Most have used the GDFs to display a lot of this data, but agreed, there’s not a lot of organization for the GDF’s.

Hi Josh

3: As for the GPS, I want it listed as part of the Vehicle inventory. No telematics needed.

4: It is an hourly price, something we do a assign to each vehicle. Think of as a rental rate. We do work for the state road and bill them for it.

I have a reason I need this info in the general tab. When necessary, I can print out a descriptive fleet list using the F1 search function of the master file. This seems to be the best way print by the department.

Lastly, it would be nice to print a all in one sheet of an item from RTA inventory with pictures and description. This is highly valued during an insurance claim.

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I like all of these ideas. I can see us using all of them with the exception of the color, as all of our fleet is white. But in another fleet I worked in we had unmarked police units and this would be very useful.

I really like these suggestions, currently we track all of these things in the user definable fields, but it would be so helpful to have these on the front page of vehicle master.

The only one that would apply to our fleet is DEF. That would be nice!


Vehicle Color and DEF would be the most useful for our fleet, specially since all of our new Diesels require DEF.
For color, we track color and whether it’s marked or unmarked with department logos.
While we are not utilizing GPS in our fleet, we have started using the equipment file and utilizing the ability to add equipment like mobile radios to the vehicles. For our reports and audits, we have a few crystal reports that shows equipment list and vehicles with attached equipment.

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