Hover Over Work Order Line and Notes Would Show Up

It would be nice if you could either hover over a work order line and it’s notes would pop up or when you clicked on the line, they would show up in a text box off to the right so you wouldn’t have to click on the line notes button for each work order line to find the line you need.

Now that’s an awsome idea.

This would save lots of time.

Great idea. Just remember the more you try to make the system do the longer things take to display. I no coder but I think that kind of thing is pretty resource heavy. It still sound cool!

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This has been done in the 7.3 release(SQL Only)! Yay!

If this was done in 7.3 SQL. please explain or show how it works.

Hi @esmiller, you just have to put your mouse over the notes column to see the full notes for the Work Order in the F1 Lookup list.

what screen is being used to do this from.

Any work order list should have it.

Is this only for work order notes or is it available for work order LINE notes?

Both! The line notes will display in the detail pain of the work order list:

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