Image button with features

It would be nice if the image button would have a feature where it would light up or have a slash thru the button to show that there are Images saved.

I really like that idea!
Thumbs up for that one Charles!

This idea would be very helpful.

That would be a great feature! Just a glance to see if there is an image or not.

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I like that idea as well. Maybe it could look like this.
image%20notification .

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I’m out of votes, but I love that idea!

Great idea what everyone else said.

Thanks for the feedback everyone. I am actually in the process of redesigning the entire image viewer right now, and I will try to squeeze this in. It might be tricky given our current technology stack, but we’ll definitely want to add this in to web and mobile.

Also, I’m curious about your thoughts on changing the name from Images to Attachments with a paperclip icon instead of a camera icon. Since we store much more than just images, it seems the more generic Attachments term might make more sense.

  • Yes, rename to Attachments with Paperclip icon
  • No, leave name as Images with Camera icon

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If the Imageviewer icon looked different when an image was attached to the record (similar to line notes and WO notes), it would make obvious that there was or wasn't an image attached. Now you have to go into imageviewer and check.

Imported from [WISH-133] IMAGEVIEWER When an image is on file, the Imageviewe Icon should look different

Great Idea, I use this area to store Pictures and Documents for the vehicle/equipment. I’d like to see both icons of a camera and paper clip.

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We’ve renamed Image Viewer to attachments and set the icon to indicate if there are any files attached.

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