Image viewer added to MPM for mobile

I think this would help for those times you need to visit a new vendor to order parts and don’t have their part number.

Hi @WSpengler, thanks for the idea. Would you mind explaining this feature a bit more? How would it work?

I suggested this at RTA Connect this year, we will be switching to the SaaS setup here in a bit. From what I understood at the conference, the ability to upload and view images for parts using the existing image viewer is not currently in the mobile app. I could see a couple ways this could be helpful, mainly in identifying a part that you are looking for from a different vendor who may have a different name/part number than what you have. Having the ability to walk through the parts room with a phone to photograph and upload the parts directly would make this process much easier as well.

Thanks for the additional detail! I can see the usefulness of that.

I could also see being able to pull up images or MSDS sheets from the mobile app, as a technician to see what a part looks like, what the packaging looks like, or even where the part is at on a shelf. And then show that to a vendor if needed to confirm that they are looking at the right part. I went through that replacing the evaporator coil on my cherokee, the dealer had no idea what part number I needed to replace it with, and the picture was the only thing that helped. They ordered the wrong part twice until I finally brought the part in, only to be told it was discontinued and they couldn’t offer it anymore.

Agreed. It can also be helpful for some of the newer mechanics/technicians. I hadn’t even thought about the MSDS; but for those that charge out fluids, that would be very useful indeed.