Improve / re-do the Centralized Parts

Centralized parts has made some things better for us but it would still be way simpler for us if Parts were handled more like a separate catalog and inventory system. This would solve problems with keeping pricing, cross references, Images, and other information standardized.

  • There would only be a single parts list across all Facs (Similar to how you can use Vendors, Customers, WO templates…).

  • This list would have Part information only (Part Number, Description, Type, Account, Price, VMRS, Vendors/xRefs, Warranty, Images, Usage, Purchases, maybe total on hand across all Facs… (Cross facility items like Usage and Purchases could be restricted by Facility access).

  • A Separate Inventory Module would track Inventory for each Facility including on hand, bin/location info, and other facility specific information.

Replying to go into more detail because of the “Tell-Us-More” tag:

If this were enabled the parts master file would stay very similar to how it is now except that it wouldn’t be tied to a facility or it would just be tied to a single facility like the Vendor and Customer file can be set up.

If the Centralized option was enabled you could tie individual facilities to it like you do now with the current centralized setup. That way any stand-alone facility or separate department could use another list or use the traditional parts list.

The biggest change would be in the new Parts Inventory or whatever you want to call it.
This would be broke down by facility and would only show parts with an on-hand amount (positive or negative). Maybe there could be an option where this list keeps all parts that have had a transaction history in the past month or even tie the list clean up to an EOP process that clears 0 on hand / 0 on hand and no transactions in the last 30 days or longer…

Another possible improvement would be if this inventory list could include non-system parts based on PO’s being made for the facility without having to add them to the main parts catalog. These would be cleared with the EOP if they had a 0 on hand value. This would make it simple to balance inventory regularly without inflating the main system parts list/catalog.

If its possible the current system could just be improved so that the admin has the option of having the centralized parts list also keep Price/Vendors-Xrefs/Images all the same as it is in the centralized list. The way that is is set up now can help but can also cause lots of headaches from vendor cross references not syncing as well as price and images.

Problems that the current system causes:

  • Prices don’t average across all facilities linked to the centralized list (probably not an issue for many others)
  • Images added to the local parts list do not sync to the centralized list or vice versa.
  • Vendors/Cross References don’t update when added to the local or centralized list unless it is the first time you are adding it to a local list from the centralized one. This causes the most issues because cross references can be added with the same part number as another part that isn’t on the list yet so when you go to add that part at a later time it won’t let you because it is already set up as a cross reference.
  • There may be other things i’m overlooking but the end result is that the current centralized list needs these improvements if it wants to accomplish its goal of keeping information standardized across facilities.
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Thanks Cory, that helps clarify the intent a lot!