Invoice number changes on the RPR report

It would be great if anytime you run the RPR report it would look at the “Invoice” field in the Purchase Orders and populate based upon the current number and not whatever number was first entered at the time of receipt. We may receive a PO into RTA as we know the correct cost but we do not know the official Invoice number that will be issued against it. Once we receive the Invoice we can go back into the PO file, change the number in the invoice field to the correct one and save it. However, this will not change the number that generates associated with that PO in the RPR report or in the part file under purchase history. This makes it extremely difficult to use the report to compare against the reports received from the Finance Department which are listed by the vendor’s Invoice number.

This is actually by design, to allow you to receive against multiple invoices on a single PO. But it sounds like the real need is to be able to go back and edit the invoice number on received transactions. I know others have taken to calling the vendor to get the actual invoice number (and the price), or to require vendors to include a copy of the invoice with the shipment.

We are currently working with our vendors as a solution with a good deal of success thus far. Allowing us to edit the number on the received transactions would certainly work for our needs. Thank you.