Job order for mechanics

when i create 8 work orders for my mechanic. I would like to see an option for when my mechanic logs into paperless shop that he has the order of which i want him to start. I know there is priority codes, but it does not show mechanic what order. 3 road calls, but dont know which one to go to first. So a job order would be idea for my shop.

Note it in the work order line repair description?

Hey @Grummie430, welcome to the feedback site!

You can set the sequence for the job line beyond the priority of the work order. That sequence will determine the order of the jobs when they view their schedule. You can set the sequence in either the edit WO line screen, or in the Paperless Shop Job Scheduler.

I can have support reach out on Monday, but here’s a quick article and a few screen shots on how this works:
List of assigned jobs in the scheduler:

List as seen by the technician:

If I edit the sequence of the last RO to be #7, you’ll see it shift in the Technician’s view as well:

Hope that helps, and let me know if I can have support reach out to follow up and make sure I didn’t miss anything!

i dont see in work orders for sequence or in paperless scheduling to add sequence order

@Grummie430, I’ll have our support team give you a call to walk you through it.