Line notes when creating deferred lines

It would be nice to be able to add a line note when creating deferred jobs.
At the moment, this is not possible. We have to create a new WO, create a new line, add the line note, defer the line and delete the WO so that the WO does not remain pending in the system.
This is a long process for just creating a deferred job with a line note.

It would be nice if the WO wasn’t ‘OPEN’ as well…we don’t use deferrals or start WO’s till the vehicle is on-site because of the confusion that it has caused our staff. It would be nice if you could defer the WO to a specific date, so that it doesn’t even get a WO number until that day.

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@angie.davis, You could potentially use the WO Estimates to Pre-Create WOs and then when the vehicle comes into the shop, push that Estimate into an actual WO.


Is there a popup to tell the mecanic that an estimate WO does exist for this vehicle?