Maintaining equipment

We keep batteries for electric lifts in RTA as equipment. Then they are mounted to the lift. When a battery needs maintenance how is everyone tacking these costs? If a vendor comes in to PM batteries how is this being tracked? Is there a better way to track these batteries? We generally do not rotate batteries between lifts but it does happen.

Is the issue that if you move a battery to another lift, you lose track of when it was last PM’d?

You can set them up as “vehicles”, and then link them in the system. That way they have their own PM, cost, and warranty history. They take up a vehicle license, but if they are critical, then it’s usually worth it. Or, you can flip to SaaS user licensing, and track an unlimited number of assets/equipment that way.

Hi Josh.
They are critical. We are considering SaaS user licensing if we can get it approved in our budget for next year. When we do, (note the optimism) will we be able to match them another vehicle so that we can see which fork lift they are mounted in (sounds like tire tracking) ?

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Sort of. The vehicle link was actually designed to link reefer units to trailers, and to split the Cab, Chassis, and Engines apart to allow you to track each component separately, but it works well for equipment that need their own PM schedules (typically generators, welders, fire extinguishers even). From either the parent or child record, you can click the vehicle link screen to see the relationship. I can have support reach out and give you a quick walk through if that would be helpful?