Make Complaint/Cause/Correction Note feature generally available in system switches instead of behind enhancement code

It could be beneficial for the mechanics to have a separate tab to select from in order to enter their mechanic story rather than entering the story in “WO Line Notes” where the original complaint was logged… If this were an option then the “WO Line Note/Complaint” could remain inaccessible to the mechanic therefore eliminating the ability for one to modify the original complaint. Comments could then be brought in below the WO Line Notes once processed. And possibly time stamp the mechanics comments with their Mech # (i.e., 3/20/2018 7:00 AM 1234 pulled truck into shop for driver complaint of…).

We have a 3C Note option that splits the notes into Complaint, Cause, Correction, and Line Notes.

It changes the layout of the notes screens in Paperless and in WOs.

Would that work?

Absolutely, is there a switch for that?

There’s an enhancement code. I’ll have support (@timothy) send it tomorrow, and I’ll update the title of this issue to be: Change 3CNote feature to use generally available system switch instead of obscure enhancement code :slight_smile:

@timothy send it to @jhol as well.

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That would be great. Thanks, Josh.

I sent an email to Brandon and John.

That is what we were looking for. It has now been enabled. Thanks @joshturley @timothy

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